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Fiore di Puglia

Since 1940 when a wood fed oven was built in Corato/Bari, the Fiore di Puglia company HQ is still at the same place.

Taralli and Pasta are the flagships and cornerstones of Fiore di Puglia srl

Three production plants  on 12.000 m2, has a daily production capacity of 100 quintals of taralli, 10 quintals of friselle, 15 quintals of dry pastries and 25 quintals of dry pasta

The origin of the word  Tarallo is unclear; it could come from the Latin “torrēre” (toast) or from the ancient Italic “tar” (to wrap). It may even date back to the ancient Greek "daratos" which indicates the use of Tarallo as a variant of bread.

Truth is that the Tarallo always brought a bit of happiness: to people who could feed themselves with little money and to the bakers because they could use the surplus of the bread’s dough…

Gastronomic symbol of excellence, the classic Taralli are prepared in various flavors with simple and genuine ingredients: soft wheat flour, water, salt, white wine and extra virgin olive oil.