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13 Dec Vegetarian Starters for Any Occasion
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We are bringing a complete collection of vegetarian starter’s recipes to be made in an easy and quick way so stay tuned!You can use that as a vegetarian starter for special occasions such as Christmas..
02 Aug Roasted aubergines with brown rice and cherry tomatoes for #worldvegetarianday
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Serves: 4 peopleDuration: 30-60 minutesIngredients:1 red onion2 garlic clovesMorgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil300g Alce Nero Organic Whole Rice800ml granulated vegetable stock2 medium-sized aubergines..
02 Aug Spring Carbonara with Sgambaro
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This spring we bring you a fresh take on the traditional carbonara using the fragrant tips of green asparagus for flavour instead of pecorino. An easy dish to make that pairs perfectly with a summer w..
15 Sep Turn lockdown into lift-off with a mouthwatering Polli
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You can turn lockdown into liftoff by thinking Italian, and getting mouth-watering Polli vegetables, olives, preserves, pickles, peppers, pesto’s, sauces & conserves for a pantry full of picnic possib..
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