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How it all started…

The idea came to an Italian who … enjoying himself … lives between Greece and Italy since many years. In Greece, he has often been cooking Italian food for his Greek friends.

The plethora of CHEFs of Italian food in Greece – who unfortunately are often multi-task and too much creative - against the too few simple Cookers, brought the inspiration to share his humble cooking knowledge and passion with you.

A team was created to spread TRADITIONAL ITALIAN FOOD through carefully selected genuine ingredients strictly from Italy, manufactured with love by small and dedicated producers.

Feeling as ambassadors of authentic Italian taste, we like to share with you the passion for our ancestral food…

Only original Italian food is our creed and, for us, tradition is without compromise.

Not just Italian sounding…with strange adjustments to make the taste more suitable and easy for neophytes.

Our food is 100% Italian, imported by us from small top quality Italian producers or prepared by us in the same traditional way that made it famous worldwide.

Alfredo for Italians is just a male name…not a sauce
Carbonara is only one without cream or mushrooms
Pizza does not carry loads of sauce or strange fillings
nor should necessarily look like a …dinghy…
Prosciutto is the leg of the pork, which is its shape…
Cappuccino is only one, around 165ml; no double or single…